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We are scientists!

First and second graders have been loving science so far! We started our science year by thinking about what a scientist does. Here are the ideas that we came up with:

So far, we have completed two science challenges. Both challenges have made us realize two very important things:
1. Scientists work together!
2. Scientists make plans.

In our first challenge, we had to create a way for Rapunzel (a marble) to safely escape her tower. Students were given materials and a time limit to come up with this plan. I was so proud of how my scientists worked together and engineered some very awesome designs!

First, we drew out a plan!

Then we built! 

All Rapunzels made it down safely! Phew!

Our next challenge involved making a parachute for Jack to land safely from the top of the beanstalk.
Look at that teamwork!

We can't wait for another science challenge this Friday!

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